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The International Burgee Registry is linked to by more yacht clubs than almost any other marine web site.  We provide free burgee copyright protection for over 3000 yacht clubs and are one of the top listings on all search engines when searching for any yacht club or burgee.  This is an opportunity that is called LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION and you can not reach this level of exposure with your own web site.

We have initiated the right column for advertising where you can purchase a 100 pixel square spot for $25 a month.  You can have a rotating static or animated advertisement with a "New Window" link to your web site where you can close the sale.  The advertisements will be on a rotating basis where each viewer may view different content.  Both the location within the column and the frequency is variable.  The price includes one banner change every month if desired.  More frequent changes are $5 per change.

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Content - has the right to approve all advertisements; it is our goal to be accepted by all parents with young children.

To discuss your advertising options, contact .   You should be able to provide an image to display, but we can help you if needed.