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Ao Chalong Yacht Club, Phuket, Thailand

AOKI Sailing Club, Japan

Apalachee Bay Yacht Club, FL, US

Apollo Beach Sail & Power Squadron, FL, US

Appleton Yacht Club, WI, US

Apostle Islands Yacht Club, WI, US

Aquarius Sailing Club, UK

Aquatic Park Sailing Club, ON, Canada


Aquia Harbor Yacht Club, VA, US


Arbon Yacht Club, Switzerland

Ardleigh Sailing Club, Essex, UK

Arecibo Power Squadron, PR, US


Arenals Club Nautico, Spain


Arendals Seilforening, Norway

Arisaig Regatta, Association, UK


Arizona Yacht Club, AZ, US

Arlington Yacht Club FL, US


Arlington Yacht Club, TX, US

Armadillo Yacht Club WA, US

Armdale Yacht Club, Canada

Arrow Yacht Club, NY, US

Arrowhead Power Squadron, CA, US

Arrowhead Yacht Club, OK, US

Arun Yacht Club, UK

Arundel Yacht Club, ME, US


ASC Hamburg TU e.V., Germany


Ascona Yacht Club, Switzerland

AshbridgesBayYC.gif (559 bytes)

Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club, Canada

Ashdown Sailing Club, UK

Ashtabula Power Squadron, OH, US

Ashtabula Yacht Club, OH, US

Aspen Yacht Club, CO, US

Associação Náutica Do Seixal

Associacao Nautica do Seixal, Portugal

Associacao Naval de Lisboa, Portugal

AUBBRI - Association des Usagers de la Baie de Brignogan-Plages,  France

Association of Orange County Yacht Clubs, CA, US

Saltwater Flushing Bags
Flush Outboard Motor Saltwater

Association Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs, CA, US


Association San Pedro Bay Yacht Clubs, CA, US

Astoria Yacht Club, OR, US

Athens Yacht Racing Club , Greece

Atlanta Athletic Club Yacht Club, GA, US


Atlanta Inland Sailing Club, GA, US

Atlanta Sail & Power Squadron, GA, US

Atlanta Yacht Club, GA, US

Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club, NJ, US

Atlantis Yacht Club, NJ, US

Attenborough Sailing Club, UK

Attleboro Sail & Power Squadron, MA, US

Atwood Yacht Club, OH, US

Au Gres Yacht Club, MI, US

Auburn Power Squadron, NY, US

Auckland Yacht Club, New Zealand

Augsburger Segler-Club e.V. Utting, Germany

AugustaSC.gif (14621 bytes)

Augusta Sailing Club, GA, US

Austin Power Squadron, TX, US

AustinYC.gif (7918 bytes)

Austin Yacht Club, TX, US

Australian Historical Sailing Skiff Association, Australia

Australian National University Sailing Club, Australia

Australian Sailing Cruising Club, Australia

AustrianSFed.gif (3580 bytes)

Austrian Sailing Federation, Austria

Australian Yacht Club, Australia

Australian Yacht Squadron, Australia


Avalon Sailing Club, Australia

Avalon Yacht Club, NJ, US

Avon Sailing Club, UK

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