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Beach Haven Yacht Club Marina, NJ, US,
Founded 1882

Beach Point Yacht Club, NY, US

Beachton Yacht Club, GA, US


Beachwood Yacht Club, NJ, US

BeaconsfieldYC.gif (2373 bytes)

Beaconsfield Yacht Club, Canada

Bear Lake Yacht Club, UT, US

Beaufort Sail & Power Squadron, SC, US

Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club, SC, US

Beaumaris Yacht Club, Australia

Beaumont Power Squadron, SC, US

Beaver Lake Sail & Power Squadron, AR, US

Beaver Lake Yacht Club, WI, US

Beaverton Power Squadron, OR, US

Bechtel Sailing Club, CA, US

BedfordBasinYC.gif (1374 bytes)

Bedford Basin Yacht Club, Canada

Bel Marin Keys Yacht Club, CA, US

Bellevue Power Squadron, WA, US

Bellevue Yacht Club, WA, US

Bellingham Sail & Power Squadron, WA, US

Bellingham YC.gif (1529 bytes)

Bellingham Yacht Club, WA, US

Bellport Bay Yacht Club, NY, US
Belmar Fishing Club, NJ, US

Belmar Yacht Club, NJ, US

Belmont 16ft Sailing Club, AU

Belmont Shore Sailing Association, CA, US. -- Merged with Seal Beach Yacht Club 2000

Belmont Yacht Club, IL, US

Belt's Warf Landing Yacht Club, MD, US

Belvedere Sailing Society, CA, US

Belvedere Yacht Club, CA, US

Belvedere Yacht Club MD, US
Founded 1952

Bembridge Sailing Club, UK

Ben Ali Shrine Yacht Club, CA, US

Ben Ma Chree Boat Club, NY, US

Benicia Yacht Club, CA, US
Bensonhurst Yacht C;ub, NY, US

Bentley Yacht Club, NY, US

Berea Power Squadron, OH, US

Bergen Beach Yacht Club, NY, US

Berkley YC.gif (1933 bytes)

Berkeley Yacht Club, CA, US

Berrywood Yacht Club, MD

Berkshire Power Squadron, MA, US

Bermuda Offshore Cruising Association, Bermuda

Beverly Power Squadron, MA, US

Beverly Yacht Club, MA, US
Founded 1871
Bewl Sailing Association, UK

BewlVelleySC.gif (1429 bytes)

Bewl Valley Sailing Club, UK

Bexhill Sailing Club, UK

Saltwater Flushing Bags
Flush Outboard Motor Saltwater

Biddeford Pool Yacht Club, ME, US

Big Bear Lake Yacht Club, CA US

Big Sur Yacht Club, CA US

Big Water Sailing Club, SC, US

Biloxi YC.gif (5136 bytes)

Biloxi Yacht Club, MS, US,
Founded 1849

Bird Key YC

Bird Key Yacht Club, FL, US

Birmingham Power Squadron, MI, US

Birmingham Sailing Club, Alabama

Biscayne Bay Power Squadron, FL, US

Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, FL, US
Founded 1887

Bitter End Yacht Club, British Virgin Islands

Black Hills Sailing Association, SD, US
Now Angostura Yacht Club

Black Point Boat Club, CA, US

Black Point Yacht Club, FL, US

Black Rock Yacht Club, Australia,
Founded 1899

Black Rock Yacht Club, CT, US

Blackbeard Sailing Club, NC, US

Blackjack Bluffs Yacht Club, CA, US

Blackness Boat Club, UK

Blackwater Sailing Club, UK

Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron, Australia

BlanesCV.gif (9672 bytes)

Blanes Club Vela, Spain

Blessington Sailing Club, Ireland

BlithfieldSC.gif (2326 bytes)

Blithfield Sailing Club, UK

Blue Hen Power Squadron, DE, US

Blue Marsh Sailing Association, MD, US

Blue Parrot Yacht Club, RI, US

Blue Water Cruising, CA, US 

Blue Water Sailing Club, MA, US

Bluegrass Power Squadron, KY, US


Bluewater Cruising Association, Canada

Bluffers Park Yacht Club, Canada

Blundellsands Sailing Club, UK
Founded 1891

Blyn Boat Club, WA, US

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