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Top 10 List
Actually there are 12 because of corrections and ties.


Best Yacht Club Web Sites for 2002
We Have a New Echelon

These Yacht Club web sites are considered the very best Yacht Club web sites on the Internet.  We provide this list as a reference tool for other Yacht Clubs and webmasters to use when developing their web sites.


American Yacht Club, NY, US

Arizona Yacht Club , AZ, US

Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club, NJ, US

California Yacht Club, CA, US

Cedar Point Yacht Club, CT, US

Dana Point Yacht Club, CA, US

Encinal Yacht Club, CA, US

Erie Yacht Club, PA, US

Hayden Island Yacht Club, OR, US

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, HK

Seattle Yacht Club, US

St Francis Yacht Club, CA, US

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Attention Web Masters

Judging for the Top 10 List is done in January each year and the Club Web Master must request they be included in the competition.  This years winners will automatically be included in the 2003 competition.  Send an E-mail
NOTE: Because of a death in the family, the 2003 competition was cancelled and currently we are not planning on a 2004 contest.


Criteria for determining which web sites are the best.  The following list is not intended to be all inclusive, but rather to present ideas on how to make Yacht Club web sites more productive and more valuable to the members.  This list is very large in scope and borders on requiring a full time professional web master.  Compliance with all items is not required to be included in the Top 10 List.

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