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Sailing Performance Records date back to the days when the clipper ships used to sail around the Cape on their route to San Francisco.  Today sailing records are getting broken at an amazing fast pace. There have been an average of 15 to 20 record attempts in each of the last five years.  The World Sailing Speed Record Council is authorized by the ISAF to certify these records.

Jules Verne Trophy, Circumnavigate the World in 64 days, 8 hours, 0 minutes, 24 seconds. averaging 18.2 Knots over 28,000 miles - Bruno Peyron 110 ft catamaran, Orange.

Transatlantic W to E, Trimaran, Pascal Bidegorry abord Banque Populair 5, 3 day, 15 hour, 25 min, 48 sec, Aug 2009
Average speed 32.94 Kts.

Transatlantic W to E, monohull, Robert Miller aboard MariCha IV, 6d, 17h, 34m, 39s. Oct 2003, Average speed 18.05 Kts

Transpacific W to E, Trimaran, Steve Fossett singlehanded, aboard Lakota, 20d, 9h, 52m, 59s, Aug 1996Transpacific E to W, monohull, Ellen MacArthur aboard Kingfisher, 14d, 23h, 11m. June 2000

24 hour distance record for monohull, 484 miles, 20.16 knots John Kostecki aboard Illbruck, April 2002

24 hour distance record for multihull, 694.78 nautical miles, 28.95 knots, by Maiden II June 2002

Sailing Speed Record 46.52 knots by Cunningham, McKeon and Daddo aboard Yellows Pages Endeavor. 1993

Los Angeles to to Honolulu, Trimaran, Oliver de Kersauson aboard Geronimo, 4d, 19h 31m 37s. November 2005

Los Angeles to Honolulu, monohull, Roy Disney aboard Pyewacket, 7d, 11h, 41m, 27s, July 1999

Smallest transatlantic passagemaker, Fathers Day, 5 ft, 4 inches

Oldest transatlantic singlehanded, Tawny Pupot, 1989, 72 days, age 77

Youngest Circumnavigation, 18 years, in 1999

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