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Cedar Creek Yacht Club, TN, US

Cedar Island Yacht Club, Ont Canada

Cedar Lake Yacht Club, WI, US

Cedar Point Yacht Club, CT, US
Founded 1887

Cedar Mills Yacht Club, TX, US

Cedarhurst Yacht Club, NY, US

Center Harbor Yacht Club, ME, US
Founded 1890

Centerboard Yacht Club, ME, US

Centerport Yacht Club, NY, US

Central Wisconsin Sail & Power Squadron, WI, US

CentroVelaDervio.gif (3968 bytes)

Centro Vela Dervio, Italy
Cerberus Sailing Club, Australia

Cercle de la Vole de Bordeaux, France

Estavager-Le-Lac.jpg (3018 bytes)

Cercle de la Voile d'Eslavayuer-le-lac, Switzerland

Cercle de la Voile de Paris, Fance

LausanneCV.gif (2396 bytes)

Cercle de la Voile de Lausanne, Switzerland

Cercle de la Voile de Neuchatel, Switzerland

CVSocieteNautique.jpg (5032 bytes)

Cercle de la Voile Société Nautique de Genève, Switzerland

VidyCV.gif (5733 bytes)

Cercle de la Voile Vidy, Switzerland

Cercle de Voile du Bois de La Chaize, France
Circle Nautique Caledonien, New Caledonia

Cercle Nautique Calais, France

CERN Yachting Club, Switzerland

CerritosBahiaYC.gif (9852 bytes)

Cerritos Bahia Yacht Club, CA, US

Chagrin Lagoons Yacht Club, OH, US

Chagrin River Yacht Club, OH, US

Chain-O-Lakes Power Squadron, IL, US

Saltwater Flushing Bags
Flush Outboard Motors

Champlain Power Squadron, IL, US

ChandlersLandY&TC.bmp (68278 bytes)

Chandlers Landing Yacht & Tennis Club, TX, US

Changi Sailing Club, Singapore

Channel Cruising Club, CA, US

Channel Islands Fleet One, CA, US

ChannelsIlYC.gif (12254 bytes)

Channel Islands Yacht Club, CA, US

Still loading

Channel Sailing Club, UK

Charles River Sail & Power Squadron, MA, US

CharlestonORA.gif (862 bytes)

Charleston Ocean Racing Association, SC, US

Charleston Sail and Power Squadron, SC, US

Charlestown Yacht Club, MD, US

Charleston Yacht Club, SC, US

Charlevoix Yacht Club, MI, US

Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club, US

Charlotte Power Squadron, NC, US

Charlottetown Yacht Club, PEI, CA

Chatham Sailing Club, GA, US

Chautauqua Power Squadron, NY, US
See Kinzua Power Squadron

Chautauqua Lake Power Boat Club, NY, US,

Chautauqua Lake Yacht Club, NY, US,
Founded 1894

Chautauqua Yacht Club, NY, US

Chelmarsh Sailing Club, UK

Chelsea Yacht Club, VIC, Australia

Chelsea Yacht Club, MA, US,
Founded 1886

Chelsea Yacht Club, NJ, US

Chelsea Yacht Club, NY, US,
Founded 1881 as Carthage Ice Yacht Club

Cheoy Lee Owners Association

Cherokee Yacht Club, OK, US
Founded 1947

Chesapeake Bay Log Canoe Sailing Association, MD, US

Chesapeake Bay Yacht Club, MD, US, Established 1887
Chesapeake Bay Yacht Clubs Association, MD, US

Chesapeake Catalina Yacht Club, MD, US

Chesapeake Cruising Club, MD, US

Chesapeake Multihull Association, MD, US

Chesapeake Sailing Association, MD, US

Chesapeake Yacht Club, MD, US
Chesapeake Sailing Center, MD, US

Cheshire Cove Sailing Club, OH, US

Chester River Yacht & Country Club, MD, US

Chester Yacht Club, NS, Canada

Chetco Cove Yacht Club, OR, US

Chevron Boat Club, CA, US

Chew Valley Lake Sailing Club, UK

ChicagoCorYC.gif (4933 bytes)

Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club, IL, US

Chicago Power Squadron, IL, US

Chicago Yacht Club, IL, US
Established 1875

Chico Yacht Club, CA, US

Chichester Cruising Racing Club, UK

Chichester Yacht Club, UK

Chippewa Valley Power Squadron, WI, US

Chippewa Yacht Club, NY, US

Chris Craft Owner's, US

ChristianssandsSC.gif (3300 bytes)

Christianssands Seilforeningn, Norway

Christmas Cove Fleet, ME, US

ChulaVistaYC.gif (2751 bytes)

Chula Vista Yacht Club, CA, US
Czech Yacht Club, Prague, Czech Republic.

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