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Cienfuegos Yacht Club, Cuba

Cincinnati Power Squadron, OH, US

Circle Yacht Club, MA, US

Circolo del Remo e della Vela, Italia

Circolo della Vela di Roma, Italy

Circolo della Vela Torre Olevola, Italy

Circolo Vela Cesenatico, Italy

Circolo Vela Torbole

Circolo Vela Torbole, Italy

City Island Power Squadron, NY, US


City Island Yacht Club, NY, US
City Livery Yacht Club, Kent, England

Classic Yacht Association, CA, US

Classic Yacht Association of New Zealand, NZ

Classic Yacht Club of America, MD, US

Clayton Lake Sailing Association, VA, US 


Clear Lake Sailing Club, TX, US

Clear Lake Yacht Club, CA, US

ClearLake.gif (3085 bytes)

Clear Lake Yacht Club, IA, US

Clear Lake Yacht Club, IN, US

Clearwater Cove Yacht Club, NZ

Clearwater Sail & Power Squadron, FL, US

ClearwaterYC.gif (3194 bytes)

Clearwater Yacht Club, FL, US

Cleveland Ice Yacht Club, OH, US

Cleveland Power Squadron, OH, US

Cleveland Yachting Club, OH, US
Founded 1878

ClintonLakeSA.gif (2957 bytes)

Clinton Lake Sailing Association, IL, US

Clinton River Catalina Association, MI, US


Clontarf Yacht & Boat Club, Ireland

Clover Island Yacht Club, WA, US

Saltwater Flushing Bags
Flush Outboard Motors

Club at Westpoint, CA US

Club Beneteau Chesapeake Bay, MD, US

Club Cruceros de La Paz, Mexico

Club de Mar de Almeria, Spain

Club de Pesca, Columbia

Club de Regatas Lima, Peru

Club de Regatas Valmayor, Spain

Club de voile Grande-Riviere, Canada

Club de Voile Senneville Yacht Club, Canada

Club de Voile du Portrieux, France

Club de Vele Joshua Slocum, Spain

QuinteroYC.gif (9847 bytes)

Club de Yates de Quintero, Chille

Logo Club del Mare

Club Del Mare, Elba Isl, Italy

Club Maritimo San Antonio de la Playa, Spain

Clube NŠutico de Antonina, Brazil
Club NŠutico de Castro Urdiales, Spain

Club Nautico de Portillo, Columbia

Club Nautico Portosin, Spain

Club Nautico de San Juan, Puerto Rico, US

Club Nautico Denia, Spain

[Club NŠutico El Arenal

Club NŠutico El Arenal, Spain
Club Nauatico San Isidro, Argentina

Club Nautique, CA US

Club Nautique d'Antibes, France

Club Nautique de Versoix, Switzerland

MorgienCN.gif (6933 bytes)

Club Nautique Morgien,  Morges, Switzerland

Club Nautique Voile, France

CascaisCN.jpg (4203 bytes)

Club Naval de Cascai, Portugal

LisboaCN.gif (1021 bytes)

Club Naval de Lisboa, Portugal

Club Naval de Ponta Delgada, Portugal

SetubalenseCN.gif (273 bytes)

Club Naval Setubalense, Portugal

Clube Internacional de Regatas, Brazil
Founded 1898

ClydeCC.gif (4203 bytes)

Clyde Cruising Club, UK

Clyde Corinthian Yacht Club

Clyde Corinthian Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1876

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