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R Yacht Club, WA, US

Raa Jolleklub, Sweden

Raccoon Creek Boat Club, NJ, US

Racine Power Squadron, WI, US

Racine Yacht Club, WI, US

Racquet Club Sailing Association, NJ, US, Founded 1889

Ragged Point Yacht Club

Rajah Shrine Yacht Club, PA, US


Rainier Yacht Club, WA, US


Raleigh Sail & Power Squadron, NC, US

Ram Island Yacht Club, CT, US

Ran-Del Yacht Club, NJ, US

Ranelagh Yacht Club, UK
Founded about 1857, Merged with Ranelagh Sailing Club.

Ranelagh Sailing Club, UK,
Founded 1889

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Rappahannock River YC

Rappahannock River Yacht Club, VA, US

Rappahannock Sailing Association, VA, US

Raritan Bay Power Squadron, NJ, US


Raritan Yacht Club, NJ, US
Founded 1882 when Carteret Boat Club, 1865 and Perth Amboy Yacht Club, 1875 merged.

Rat Island Yacht Club, FL, US

Ravena Coeymans Yacht Club, NY, US

Raway Yacht Club, NJ, US

Reading Sailing Club, UK

Recreational Boating Association of
, WA, US

Recreational Boaters of California

Red Bank Yacht Club, NJ, US
Founded 1896

Red Brook Harbor Yacht Club, MA, US

Red Dragon Canoe Club, NJ, US
Established 1886

Red Eye Yacht Club, MD, US

Red Flamingo yacht Club, OH, US

Red Jacket Poser Squadron, NY, US

Red Rock Yacht Club, IL, US

Red Warf Bay Sailing Club, UK

Redondo Beach Power Squadron, CA, US

Redondo Beach YC

Redondo Beach Yacht Club, CA, US

Reedham Smart Set Cruising Club, UK

Reef Boat Club, Ont, Canada

Regatta Section of the Marin Naval Academy, Spain

Regina Beach Yacht Club, SK, Canada

Rehoboth Bay Sailing Association, DE, US

Republic Of Singapore Yacht Club, Singapore, Founded 1826 

Restronguet Sailing Club, UK

RF Sailing Club TBD

Rhode Island Yacht Club, RI, US
Established 1875

Rhode River Boat Club, MD, US

Rhodes University Yacht Club,
South Africa

Ribble Cruising Club, UK

Richardson Bay Yacht Club, CA, US

Richland Yacht Club, WA, US

Richmond County Yacht Club, NY, US

Richmond Power Squadron, VA, US

Richmond Yacht Club, BC, Canada

Richmond Yacht Club CA, US

Richmond Yacht Club, New Zealand

Richmond County Yacht Club, US

Rickmansworth Sailing Club, UK

Rielli Goldach Segel Club, Switzerland

Riester Segel-Club, Germany

Rijeka Sailing Club, Croatia

[Rio de Janeiro Y.C.]

Rio De Janeiro Yacht Club, Brazil

Rio Grande Sailing Club, NM, US

River City Boat Club, OR, US

River Park Marina Association, CA, US

River Rat Yacht Club, NC, US

River Valley Club, KY, US

River View Yacht Club, CA, US

River View Yacht Club, OH, US

Riverhead Yacht Club, NY, US

River's Edge Yacht Club, OH, US

Riverside Yacht Club, CT, US

Riverside Yacht Club, PA, US

Riverside Yacht Club, OH, US

Riverside Yacht Club, OR, US

Riverton Yacht Club, NJ, US
Founded 1865

Riverwalk Yacht Club, US

Rivre Sailing Club/Bass Club, Japan

Roanoke Valley Power Squadron, VA, US

Robbins Reef Yacht Club, NJ, US

Rocamadour Yacht Club, France

Roche Harbor Yacht Club, US

Rochester Canoe Club, NY, US

Rochester Power Squadron, Ny, US

Rochester Yacht Club, NY, US
Founded 1877

Rock Creek Racing Association, MD, US

Rock Hall Yacht Club, MD, US

Rockaway Point Yacht Club, NY, US

Rockford Power Squadron, IL, US
Rockland Bergen Boat Club, NY, US

Rockland Yacht Club, ME, US

Rockley Cruising Club, UK

Rockport Yacht Club, TX, US

Rockville Power Squadron, MD, US

Rocky Mount Power Squadron, NC, US

Rocky River Power Squadron, OH, US

Rodvig Stevns Sejlklub, Denmark

Rogers City Power Squadron, MI, US

Rome Sailing Club, AL, US

Rose City Yacht Club, OR, US

Ross Island Yacht Club of Antarctica

Round Bay Sailing Association, MD, US

Rowayton Sail & Power Squadron, CT, US

Royal Yacht Clubs--We have divided into a separate page.


Rudder Club, FL, US


Rudkobing Sejlklub, Denmark

Rudyard Lake Sailing Club, UK

Rugby.gif (5845 bytes)

Rugby Sailing Club, UK

Rumson Country Club-Yacht Division, NJ, US

RushCreekYC.gif (993 bytes)

Rush Creek Yacht Club, TX, US

Rutland Civil Service Sailing Club, UK

RutlandSC.gif (16971 bytes)

Rutland Sailing Club, UK

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