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Burgee Group for Royal Yacht Clubs

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Royal Bellau Yacht Club, Palau

Real Club Astur de Regatas

Real Club Astur de Regatas Yacht Club, Spain

Real Club International de Yates, Spain

Real Club Marítimo del Abra
Real Sporting Club

Real Club Marítimo del Abra-Real Sporting Club, Spain
Founded 1898
Both burgees are flown at once.

Real Club Maritimo de Santander Yacht Club, Spain

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Real Club Mediterraneo

Real Club Mediterraneo Yacht Club, Spain

Real Club Nautico La Coruna

Real Club Nautico de La Coruña Yacht Club, Spain

Real Club Nautico de Laredo, Spain

Real Club Nautico de Palma, Spain

Real Club Nautico de Puerto Pollensa Yacht Club, Spain

Real Club Nautico de San Sebastian Yacht Club, Spain


Real Club Nautico de Tenerife , Spain , Spain

Real Club Náutico de Valencia, Spain

Real Club Nautico de Vigo, Spain

Real Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia, Italy
Founded 1893

Republic Of Singapore Yacht Club, Singapore, Founded 1834 
aka Royal Singapore Yacht Club

Royal Air Force Sailing Association, UK

Royal Air Force Yacht Club, UK

Royal Akarana Yacht Club, New Zealand, Founded 1895


Royal Albert Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1864

Royal Anglesey Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1885

Royal Armoured Corps Yacht Club, UK

Royal Artillery Yacht Club, UK
Royal Australian Naval Sailing Association, Australia

Royal Bali Yacht Club, Indonesia

Royal Belgian Sailing Club, Belgian

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, Bermuda
Established 1844

Royal Bombay Yacht Club, India
Founded 1846

Royal Brighton Yacht Club, Australia

Royal British Virgin Islands Yacht Club, British Virgin Islands

Royal Burnham Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1895


Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Canada
Established 1852

Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club, NS, Canada, Founded 1899

Royal Cape Yacht Club, South Africa

Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1862

Royal Cinque Port Yacht Club, UK,
Founded 1872

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Royal City Yacht Club, BC, Canada

Royal Cork Yacht Club, Ireland
The Oldest Yacht Club, Founded 1720 as the Water Club of Cork

Royal Corinthian Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1872

Royal Cornwall Yacht Club, UK,
Founded 1871

RoyalCruisingClub.gif (4223 bytes)

Royal Cruising Club, UK
Founded 1881

Royal Danish Yacht Club

Royal Danish Yacht Club, Denmark

Royal Dart Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1862

Royal Dee Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1815

Royal Dorset Yacht Club, UK,
Founded 1875

Royal Dutch Sailing & Rowing Club, The Netherlands

Royal Engineer Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1846

Royal Findhorn Yacht Club, UK

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Royal Forth Yacht Club, UK, 
Founded 1868.  Amalgamated the Royal Eastern Yacht Club, founded 1835

Royal Fowey Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1890


Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, Australia, unded 1896

Royal Geelong Yacht Club, Australia,
Founded 1859

Royal Gibraltar Yacht Club, Gibraltar

Royal Gourock Yacht Club, Scotland, UK
Founded 1894


Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club, Sweden

Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club, Bermuda

RoyalHamiltonYC.gif (389 bytes)

Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, Canada, Founded 1888

Royal Harwich Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1843

Royal Hawaiian Ocean Racing Club, HI, US

Royal Highland Yacht Club, UK,
Founded 1881



Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Hong Kong, Founded 1849 as Victoria Regatta Club

Royal Irish Yacht Club, Ireland,
Founded 1831

Royal Jamaica Yacht Club JM

RoyalKennebeccasisYC.gif (13551 bytes)

Royal Kennebeccasis Yacht Club, Canada, Founded 1898

Royal Lake of the Woods Yacht Club, ON, Canada

Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, Malaysia

Royal London Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1836

Royal Lymington Yacht Club, UK


Royal Malta Yacht Club, Malta, 
Founded 1835

Royal Maas Yacht Club, Netherlands


Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron, Australia, Founded 1876

Royal Menehune Yacht Club, NY, US

Royal Motor Yacht Club, Australia

Royal Nassau Sailing Club, Bahamas

Royal Natal Yacht Club, South Africa
Founded 1858

Royal National Lifeboat Institute,UK

Royal Naval Sailing Association, UK

Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Yacht Club, UK

Royal New Zealand YS

Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, New Zealand,
Founded 1859

RoyalNewfoundlandYC.gif (9415 bytes)

Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club, Canada

Royal Norfolk & Suffolk Yacht Club, Suffolk, UK, 
Founded 1859

Royal North Of Ireland Yacht Club, N. Ireland, UK
Founded 1899

Royal North Sea Yacht Club, Belgium

Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club, Scotland, UK

RNorthumberlandYC.gif (8121 bytes)

Royal Northumberland Yacht Club, UK

RNovaScoYSq.gif (30546 bytes)

Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, Canada,
Founded 1837

Royal Norwegian Yacht Club, Kongelig Norsk Seilforening, Norway

Royal Oaks Yacht Club, SC, US

RoyalORC.gif (6499 bytes)

Royal Ocean Racing Club, UK

RPalmY&CC.gif (10628 bytes)

Royal Palm Yacht & Cruising Club, FL, US

RoyalPalmYC.gif (10388 bytes)

Royal Palm Yacht Club, FL, US

Royal Papua Yacht Club, Papua New Guinea

Royal Perth Yacht Club, Australia,
Founded 1841

Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club, UK,
Founded 1877

RPNicholsonYC.jpg (7988 bytes)

Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club, New Zealand, Founded 1883

Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, Australia,
Founded 1867

Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club, Australia

Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, Australia, Founded 1885

Royal Rarotonga Yacht Club, Cook Islands

RoyalSelangorYC.jpg (9718 bytes)

Royal Selangor Yacht Club, Malaysia

Royal Signals Yacht Club, UK

Royal Sylvan Beach Yacht Club, ID, US

Royal Solent Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1878

Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron, Australia, Founded 1869

Royal Southampton Yacht Club, UK

RoyalSouthernYC.gif (45183 bytes)

Royal Southern Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1837

Royal St George Yacht Club, Ireland,
Founded 1838

RStLawrenceYC.gif (13092 bytes)

Royal St Lawrence Yacht Club, Canada

Royal Suva Yacht Club, Fiji

Royal Swedish Yacht Club, Sweden
Founded 1830

Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, Australia, Founded 1862 

Royal Sylvan Beach Yacht Club, ID, US

Royal Tay Yacht Club, Scotland
Founded 1885

Royal Temple Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1857

Royal Thames Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1775 as Cumberland Fleet

Royal Torbay Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1835

Royal Turkey Yacht Club, FL, US

Royal Ulster Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1866

Vancouver.gif (2752 bytes)

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, Canada

Royal Varuna Yacht Club, Thailand


Royal Victoria Yacht Club, BC, Canada
Founded 1892


Royal Victoria Yacht Club, UK,
Founded 1845

Royal Victorian Motor Yacht Club, AU

Royal Welsh Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1847

Royal Western Nova Scotia Yacht Club, Canada, Founded 1898

Royal Western Yacht Club of England, UK, Founded 1827

Royal Western Yacht Club of Ireland, IR
Founded 1827

Royal Western Yacht Club of Scotland, UK, Defunct 1870

Royal Yacht Club of Belgium, Belgium
Burgee Needed Royal Yacht Club Hollandia, The Netherlands

Royal Yacht Club of Ostende, Belgium
Founded 1846

Royal Yacht Club of Sweden


Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, Australia, Founded 1880 as Derwent Sailing Boat Club

Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, Australia, Founded 1853


Royal Yacht Squadron, UK
Founded 1815

Royal Yachting Association, UK

Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club Burgee

Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club, UK

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