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Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club, BC, Canada


Sierra Point Yacht Club, CA, US

Sierra Watersports Club, CA US

Sierra Yacht Club, NV, US

Signal Ridge Yacht Club, NC, US

Silgo Yacht Club, Ireland, Ireland


Silver Gate Yacht Club, CA, US
Founded 1952

Silver Islet Yacht Club, Ont, CA

SPolyYC.gif (2974 bytes)

Singapore Polytechnic Yachting Centre, Singapore

Singapore Yacht Club, MI, US


Singapore Yachting Association, Singapore


Singles On Sailboats, VA, US

Singles Under Sail, CT, US

Sinstorf Segelvereinigung, Germany

Sister Bay Yacht Club, WI, US

Skaneatles Sailing Club, NY, US

Skerries Sailing Club, Ireland

Skokie Valley Power Squadron, IL. US

Skovshoved Sejlklub, Denmark
Sky Harbor Boat Club, ME US

Slocum Spray Society of Australia, AU

SlovakiaYC.gif (2352 bytes)

Slovakia Yacht Club, Slovak Republic
Small Point Yacht Cllub, ME, US

Smithtown Bay Power Squadron, NY, US

Smithtown Bay Yacht Club, NY, US

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Smyrna Yacht Club, FL, US

Societa Nautica Pietas Julia, Italy
Societa Triestina della Vela, Italy

Societe Des Regates De Courseulles, France, Founded 1887

Societe Des Regates Grande Motte, France

Societe Des Regates Du Havre, France, Founded 1842

Societe Des Regates Rochelaises, France

Societe Nautique Cudrefin, Switzerland

Societe Nautique de Marseille, France

Societe Nautique de Sete, France

Societe Nautique de Saint-Tropez, France

Societe Nautique Geneva, Switzerland,
Founder 1872

Sodus Bay Yacht Club, NY, US

Solano Yacht Club, CA, USA

Solomons Island Yacht Club, MD, US

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Somers Cove Yacht Club, MD, US

Somers Yacht Club, Australia

Somerset Power Squadron, NJ, US

Somerton Yacht Club, AU

SoonSC.gif (1550 bytes)

Soon Seilforening, Norway

Sorrento Sailing Club, Australia

Sorrento Yacht Club, ME, US

South Amboy Boat Club, NJ, US

SAYRA.jpg (24389 bytes)

South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association, US

South Bay Yacht Racing Club, CA, US

South Bay Yacht Club, CA, US
Founded 189

South Beach Yacht Club, CA, US

South Bend Power Squadron, IN, US

South Boston Yacht Club, MA, US
Founded 1868

South Carolina Yacht Club, SC, US

SouthCerneySC.jpg (2969 bytes)

South Cerney Sailing Club, UK

South Channel Yacht Club, MI, US

SCoastCorinthianYC.gif (15839 bytes)

South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club, CA, US

South Coast Offshore Yacht Club, OR, US

South Hills Power Squadron, PA, US

South Kupreanof Yacht Club, AK, US

South Lake Tahoe Yacht Club, CA, US
Merged with Lake Tahae Windjammers 2018
South Lake Tahae Windjammers Yacht Club, CA US

South Maryland Sailing Association, MD, US

South Milwaukee Yacht Club, WI, US

SperthYC.gif (296 bytes)

South Of Perth Yacht Club, Australia

South Plainfield Sailing Club, NJ, US

South Port Sailing Club, Canada

South River Sailing Association, MD, US

South Shore Power Squadron, NY, US

SouthShoreYC.gif (2035 bytes)

South Shore Yacht Club, CA, US

South Shore Yacht Club, LA, US

South Shore Yacht Club, MA, US

South Shore Yacht Club, WI, US

South Sound Sailing Society, WA, US

South Whidbey Yacht Club, WA, US

Southampton YC

Southampton Yacht Club, NY, US

Southern California Tuna Club, CA, US


Southern California Yachting Association, US

Southern Idaho Sailing Association, US

Southern Maryland Sailing Association, US

Southern Massachusetts Sailing Association, MA, US

Southern Sailing Club, GA, US

Southern Tier Power Squadron, NY, US

Southern Yacht Club, LA, US
Established 1849

Southleigh Road Yacht Club, UK

Southport Yacht Club, Australia

Southport Yacht Club, ME, US


Southwestern Yacht Club, CA, US

Space Park Sailing Club, CA, US


Spandauer Yacht Club Berlin, Germany
Founded 1885


Sparrows Point Yacht Club, MD, US

Spenser Yacht Owners Group, BC, Canada


Spiez Yacht Club, Switzerland

Spokane Power Squadron, WA, US

Spooners Creek Yacht Club, NC, US

DafundoSA.gif (263 bytes)

Sport Alges e Dafundo, Portugal

Sport Boat Club, Rheurdt e. V., Germany

Sportclub der <Zurich> Gruppe, Sektion Segeln, Switzerland


Sportsmen Yacht Club, CA, US

Spray Beach Yacht Club, NJ, US

Spring Cove Yacht Club, MD, US

Spring Lake Yacht Club, MI, US
Founded 1897

Spring Valley Yacht Club, CA, US

Springfield Yacht and Canoe Club, MA, US
Sprite Island Yacht Club, CT, US

Spruce Harbour Co-operative Marina, Canada

Squalicum Yacht Club, WA, US

Squamish Yacht Club, BC, Canada


Squantum Yacht Club, MA, US
Founded 1890

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