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St Andrews Bay Yacht Club, FL, US

St Andrews Sailing Club, UK

St Augustine Cruisers Net, FL, US

St Augustine Yacht Club, FL, US
Founded 1873

St Charles Yacht Club, FL, US

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St Croix, Power Squadron, VI, US

St Croix Yacht Club, MN, US

St Croix Yacht Club, VI, US


St Francis Yacht Club, CA, US


St Gallischer Yacht Club, Switzerland

St George Sailing Club, Australia

St Helens YC

St Helens Yacht Club, OR, US

St James Town Sailing Club, ON, Canada

St James Yacht Club, NC, US

St John Yacht Club, VI, US

St Johns Yacht Harbor, SC, US

St Joseph-Benton Harbor  Elks Yacht Club, MI

St Joseph Power Squadron, MI. US

St Joseph River Yacht Club, MI, US

St Lawrence Power Squadron, NY, US

St Lucie River Power Squadron, FL, US

St Lucie Sailing Club, FL, US

St Malo Yacht Club, France

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St Mary's College Sailing Association, MD, US

St Mary's Loch Sailing Club, UK

St Mary's River Yacht Club, MD, US

St Paul Sail & Power Squadron, MN, US

St-Petersburg River Yacht Club, Russia,
Founded 1860

St Petersburg Sail & Power Squadron, FL, US

St Petersburg Sailing Association, FL. US


St Petersburg Yacht Club, FL, US

St Regis Yacht Club, NY, US
Founded 1897

St Thomas Power Squadron, VI, US

St Thomas Yacht Club, VI, US

StafaSC.bmp (26678 bytes)

Stafa Segel Club, Switzerland

Stage Harbor Yacht Club, MA, US

Stamford Sail & Power Squadron, CT, US

Stamford Yacht Club, CT, US
Founded 1890

Stan's Fishing & Yacht Club, US

Staniel Cay Yacht Club, Bahamas

Stanwood-Camano Yacht Club WA, US

Starcross Yacht Club, UK
Founded 1772

Stark County Power Squadron, OH, US

Staten Island Power Squadron, NY, US

Staten Island Yacht Club, NY, US

State University New York Maritime College, NY, US
No Burgee Staunton Harold Sailing Club, UK

Stella Class, England, UK

Stephens Boat Owners

Stepping Stone Yacht Club, NY, US

Stettiner Yacht Club, Germany 
Founded 1877

Stevens Yacht Club, NY, US

Still Waters Yacht Club, AL, US

Stillwater Yacht Club, Pebble Beach, CA US

Stockton Harbor Yacht Club, ME, US

StocktonSC.gif (744 bytes)

Stockton Sailing Club, CA, US

Stone Horse Yacht Club MA, US

Stonington Harbor Yacht Club, CT, US

Storm King Power Squadron, NY, US

Storm Trysail Club, MD, US

Stourport Yacht Club, UK

Strawberry Cove Yacht Club, CA, US

Stromstads Segelsallskap, Norway

StuCorYC.gif (3225 bytes)

Stuart Corinthian Yacht Club, US

Studentische Seglergemeinschaft, Germany

Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club, WI, US


Stuyvesant Yacht Club, NY, US

SubicBayYC.gif (1538 bytes)

Subic Bay Yacht Club, Philippine

Sue Island Sail & Power Squadron, MD, US

Sugarloaf Sailing Club, Australia

Summerside.gif (3072 bytes)

Summerside Yacht Club, Canada

Sun Parlour Boat Club, ON, Canada

SundetSC.gif (2306 bytes)

Sundet Sejlkluvven, Denmark

SundsvallSS.gif (3937 bytes)

Sundsvall Segel Sallskap, Sweden

Sunrise Yacht Club, NY, US

SunSeeker's Boating Club, MI, US

SunsetAquaticYC.gif (16358 bytes)

Sunset Aquatic Yacht Club, CA, US
Merged with Huntington Harbor Yacht Club 2008

Sunset Harbour Yacht Club, FL, US

Sunset Marina, WA, US

Sunshine Bay Yacht Club, Canada

Sunshine Coast Cruising Yacht Club, AU

Suomalainen.gif (14975 bytes)

Suomalainen Pursiseura, Finland

Sur-Del Power Squadron, BC, Canada

SurfCityYC.gif (3924 bytes)

Surf City Yacht Club, NJ, US


Susquehanna Yacht Club, PA, US

Susquehannock Power Squadron, PA, US

Susquenango Power Squadron, NY, US

Sussex Motor Yacht Club, UK

Sussex Yacht Club, UK
Established 1892

Sutton Bingham Sailing Club, UK

Swan Boat Club, MI, US
Swampscott Club, MA, US

Swampscott Yacht Club, MA, US

Swan Creek Racing Association, MD, US

Swan Point Yacht Club, MD, US

Swan Yacht Club, Australia

Swanage Sailing Club, UK 

Swansea Yacht & Sub-Aqua Club, UK

Swiftwater Power Squadron, NY, US

Swinomish Yacht Club, WA, US

VidyCV.gif (5733 bytes)

Swiss Sailing Federation, Switzerland


Sydney Amateur Sailing Club, Australia
Founded 1872

Sydney Flying Squadron, Australia
Founded 1891

Sydney Harbor Yacht Club, AU

Syracuse Power Squadron, NY, US

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