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Yachting Associations

Alberta Sailing Association, ASA, AL, Canada

Anchor Bay Yachting Association, MI, US

Association des Clubs de Voile de la region Lemanique, Switzerland

Association of Orange County Yacht Clubs, AOCYC, CA, US

Association San Pedro Bay Yacht Clubs, ASPBYC, CA, US

Association Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs, CA, US

Australian Yachting Federation, Australia

Austrian Sailing Federation, Austria

Barnegat Bay Yacht Racing Association, US

Bristol Channel Yachting Conference, UK

Canadian Yachting Association, CYC, Canada

Catalina 30 International Association

Cavalier 28 Association, Australia

Central New York Yacht Racing Association, CNYYRA, US

Central States Sailing Association, CSSA, US

Chesapeake Bay Yacht Clubs Association, US

Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association US

Clayton Lake Sailing Association, VA, US 

Columbia River Yachting Association, OR, US

Dixie Inland Yacht Racing Association, US

Eastchester Bay Yacht Racing Association, NY, US

Eastern Connecticut Sailing Association, ECSA, US

Eastern Long Island Sailing Association, ELISA, US

Eastern Yachting Circuit, ONT, Canada

Federazione Itialiana Vela, FIA, Italy

Forth Yacht Clubs Association, FYCA, UK

Greater Cleveland Boating Association, OH, US

Gulf Yachting Association, GYA, US

Greater Huntington Council of Yacht & Boat Clubs, NY, US

Hawaii Womens Yacht Racing Association, HI, US

Hawaii Yacht Racing Association, HI, US

Hellenic Yachting Federation, HYF, Greece

Hong Kong Yachting Association, HK

Inland Lake Yachting Association, ILYA, US

Irish Sailing Association ISA

Japan Sailing Federation, JSF

Jericho Sailing Centre Association, JSC. Vancouver BC, Canada

Lake Huron Yacht Racing Association, LHYRA, US

Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation, US

Lake Michigan Yachting Association, LMYA, US

Lake Murray Yacht Racing Association, LMYRA, SC, US

Lake Superior Yachting Association, US

Lake Winnipesaukee Sailing Association, US

Lake Yacht Racing Association, US & Canada

Malta Sailing Federation, Malta

Massachusetts Boating & Yacht Clubs Assoc, MBYCA, US

Mississippi Coast Yachting Association, MCYA, US

Mohawk Hudson Council, NY, USA

Mount Sinai Sailing Association,

Mid Atlantic Yacht Racing Association, US

Narragansett Bay Yachting Association, RI, US

Northeast Sailing Association, ME, US

Northern Zone Yachting of NSW, AU

Northumberland Strait Yachting Association, NSYA, Canada

Ontario Sailing , ONT, Canada

Pacifc Inter-Club Yacht Association, PICYA, CA, US

Pacific International Yachting Association, PIYA, US & Canada

Potomac River Yacht Clubs Association, MD, US

Queensland Yachting Association, QYA, AU

Recreational Boating Association of Washington, WA, US

Royal Yachting Association, RYA, UK

Singapore Yachting Association, SYA, Singapore

South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association, SAYRA, US

South Maryland Sailing Association, SMSA, US

South West Scotland Sailing Association, Scotland

Southern California Yachting Association, SCYA

St Petersburg Sailing Association, SPSA

Texas Sailing Association, TX, US

Victorian Yachting Council, Australia

Yachting Association of India, India

Yachting Association of New South Wales, NSW, Australia

Yacht Racing Association of Long Island Sound, US

Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes, US

Yacht Racing Union of Southern California, YRUSC

Welsh Yachting Association, UK

West Highlands & Islands Sailing Clubs Association, UK

Wisconsin Yachting Association, US

If your Yachting Association has a web site you feel should be included in this list, please send us an E-mail in the bottle.

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